Donít Let Your Profits Slide

Football, basketball, baseball and horse racing are all traditional sports betting opportunities offered by bookies across the world, but in recent years another sport has moved into the fray: skiing. Having long been a niche sport dominated by the Nordic countries, Alpine skiing is now gaining in popularity thanks to the amount of TV exposure itís been receiving.

This rise in interest has led to more skiing betting opportunities for Unibet bonus fans, as bookies begin to offer more ways for punters to make some money. One of the best tips you can utilise when making a skiing bet is weighing up the course vs. the skier. The Alpine Skiing World Cup is comprised of a number of events, including: Slalom, Super Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, and Downhill. Each event requires a different set of skills and each skier will favour a certain discipline over another. Indeed, while some professionals will be strong across all four events, the majority will have a preference for which they prefer.

This is something you need to strongly consider when betting on skiing. Itís not enough just to pick the highest ranked skier and blindly back them regardless of the track they are racing on. Moreover, you should also consider the course and venue as a whole. Home advantage plays a massive part in any sports betting scenario and skiing is no different. However, you should never take it as a given that a home-grown skier will take the title.

Indeed, itís usually wise to look for the most consistent skier based on the above two factors. Didier Cuche was a dominant world champion and the epitome of being an all-rounder. While he was strong in all four disciples and across multiple courses, he wasnít always the best in each. However, because he could rank highly in each variety of course, he would still win overall events.

Skiing betting might be a relatively new market for sports bettors to explore, but even if itís not your sport of choice, you'll find there are a lot of crossover skills from other sports. Form, consistency and venue are all things you need to consider when trying to prevent you bankroll from slipping in the wrong direction.


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