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Casino Bonuses in 2021

The world is changing and development is evolving. This also applies to casino bonuses. For example, the best casino bonuses change with the player base as more Finns play. What was the hottest hott five years ago in online casino bonuses is no longer fashionable today. On this casino bonuses page, we only focus on bonuses that can be used in casino games (slots, video poker, table games and live casino). We tell you honestly what are the best bonuses and which are not so good. And if you want deposit bonuses for betting, for example, then you will definitely find what you are looking for on the deposit bonuses page.

Online casino bonuses real money slots follow certain trends. When one gaming site tries something new, others follow suit. Bonus experts have been working with casino bonuses for the past 10 years. And we’ll tell you what casino bonuses will look like in 2021, as well as how the trend has changed for 2018, 2019 and 2020 casino bonuses. Casino bonuses offer big bonus percentages for small deposit amounts. The biggest ones offer up to a 400% deposit on top. For example, Come on has a maximum deposit of € 10 and a bonus of € 40. This trend started already last year and will continue.

Bonus redemption requirements are slightly increasing compared to previous years. Now 50x redemption is starting to get pretty normal, so read the terms carefully before redeeming the bonus. The casino bonus is a bit more moderate than before. While the bonus percentage might be wild, up to a 500% casino bonus on your first deposit, the days are far away when your first deposit could double up to € 1,000. This is just a good thing for players as a big casino bonus is hard to recycle. So no shocking change to the past. But we believe that many online casinos could be too generous in 2018 and 2019 with huge 300% and 400% casino bonuses

Because of this, the costs to the casinos were too high to be profitable to maintain. Some casinos still offer these, but it is important to always check the terms of the bonuses. Various quick casinos have also paved the way for other online casinos, which is why casino bonuses have changed shape - and only in a good direction. While the wagering requirements may be on the rise, many online casinos have decided to take a very different approach to what kind of casino bonus their casino spills into a player’s account.

VIP programs, or rewards and loyalty programs, also raised their heads in 2020, so we believe that such casino offers will be hot now as well as 2021. The online casino bonus from the loyalty program is usually less than the best au casino sites for a new player. Such loyalty programs are often designed for very active players who want rewards and bonuses for their loyalty. Usually, these kind of loyalty programs open to all players work with points that are the online casino’s own currency. These points are valid when you want to redeem casino bonuses.


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