How Policies Forced Online Games To Become Cross-Platform

Online games are a relatively new phenomenon. Having been born in the early 1990's as the Internet boom began they have been the source of debate in social, economic and political spheres. The rapid or rather exponential growth of the Internet makes it very difficult to regulate especially for not so “technology brave” policy makers.

Boardroom policies have gone on to affect national policies and then national policies have gone to influence boardroom policies. Those that are unable to adapt to the prevailing legislative environment in the communities they operate have had to shut down or relocate.

Online casinos have been some of the hardest hit by legislation. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was passed in the United States a decade ago is one such policy. This piece of legislation closed off the most lucrative online casino games market. This act caused several downstream to shut down or to adapt.

Software giants Google and Apple responded in two very opposite ways. Google went on to prohibit the listing of real money casino applications on its PlayStore. Apple however allows casinos to make their iOS compatible Apps available to users on its App Store.

This difference in boardroom policy has lead to online casino- top australian online casinos 2017 resorting to offering their games on browser based platforms. The HTML5 is one such platform which allows mobile casino games to be played across all platforms. Users of Android devices can enjoy the same games that users of iOS devices as long as they are offered on this platform.

Online gaming will only continue to evolve with time. Even console based online game developers are now pushing for cross-platform games. This goes against years of company policies structured to protect their market share. Soon Sony and Microsoft users will be able to play together online. Their protectionist policies have resulted in the mobile games overtaking console games in terms of revenue. Moving to Cross-Platform games will offer players with better online gambling experiences due to increase in variety.